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Reliable Provider of Concrete Removal Service in Hollywood, FL

Concrete removal is an essential part of any construction project in Hollywood, FL. Omni Demolition has the best concrete slab removal experts in the region. We have spent years perfecting our services. For many years, we have been delivering quality solutions such as construction site cleanup, demolition jobs and concrete hauling. Our undeniable success in the business is proof that the team here at Omni Demolition is highly capable and dependable.

Special Equipment Used for Concrete Removal in Hollywood, FL

Omni Demolition uses advanced equipment to cut or crush concrete. At Omni Demolition, specialized heavy machinery and equipment are required for concrete slab removal. We give importance to our client’s time which is why we ensure equipment and material readiness to avoid any delays to your projects. Our professional experts in Hollywood, FL are able to tackle any task such as removing concrete driveway, concrete slab demolition and concrete wall demolition with the help of our line-up of premium equipment and machinery such as diamond wire saws, demolition hammers, pavement breaks and hydraulic splitters. Trust us to start removing concrete driveway and other concrete structures at your project location as soon as you give us the green light to commence work. After the demolition, the waste has to be dealt with, so we also have special machinery for concrete hauling.

When Should I Book a Concrete Demolition Service in Hollywood, FL?

The only thing permanent in this world is change. Our concrete removal services in Hollywood, FL include: removing old foundations, unwanted driveways, walkways and slabs. We have all the equipment needed to perform quality concrete hauling or demolition. Concrete demolition is necessary when your structure becomes old and dilapidated; when your structure has widespread cracking; when moisture penetrates into the ground, freezes and then pushes up the concrete; or when you plan to improve or put up a new structure. All of the technicians follow safety procedures to ensure the project flows smoothly without any delays.

Do You Require Permits for Concrete Removal Services in Hollywood, FL?

In almost all cases, you will need permits for carrying out a concrete removal or concrete hauling project in Hollywood, FL. While other concrete removal companies may include additional fees for processing the required permits, we at Omni Demolition have got you covered. If you have just moved to Hollywood, FL or if this is your first ever attempt in handling a major renovation or structural change, chances are you do not know which requirements you need and how you can get the necessary permits completed. You must submit your application together with all the required documents. Some of the required paperwork include clearances from your electric, water and gas companies. Different councils have their own different set of rules, based on whether you are demolishing an entire structure or just a part of it.

How Much Do I Need to Pay for Concrete Demolition Services in Hollywood, FL?

The national average concrete removal cost is between $1500 to $2000. This estimate is for the removal of unreinforced concrete of a two-car driveway with zero disposal fees. The good news is that you are guaranteed to get bigger savings when hiring us as opposed to our competitors. Whether you need estimates for small jobs such as a patio demolition or patio removal, or you need a proposal for breaking up concrete at an industrial property, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of expenses. There are special circumstances that can affect the cost of your demo project. The actual demolition cost alone can cost you from between $1000 – $15000+ Our quote covers the entire concrete demolition process.

How Long is a Concrete Demolition Service in Hollywood, FL?

Every concrete demolition project is unique even if identical procedures may be done and the same equipment will be used which is why no specific time frame can be given without the details of the area involved. With that in mind, your concrete slab removal and concrete hauling projects in Hollywood, FL might take a couple of days, weeks or even months to complete. Our experts ensure that operations are done continuously and without incident. The bigger the demolition structure, the more time it will take to complete the job. We adhere to all the fundamental and basic principles of effective project management.

Concrete Recycling in Hollywood, FL?

It comes right after a concrete demolition and removal project. Ever wonder how this type of material can be used again? Our team recycles crushed and cut concrete slabs. The concrete is crushed by our concrete demolition contractors and used as a coarse aggregate for new concrete. It is also an environmentally friendly approach of dealing with the waste. We can guide you through the process if you choose to have your concrete waste recycled.

Make Us Your Concrete Demolition Company of Choice in Hollywood, Florida

If you have been looking to hire a concrete slab removal expert, chances are you have seen ads from other providers in Hollywood, FL who offer the cheapest concrete demolition services, but are you sure you want to risk spending on a contractor that has no credibility and is seemingly desperate for clients? Hopefully not. Our expert contractors at Omni Demolition have unparalleled skills and experience in the concrete slab removal business. We are self-driven in completing all our tasks with accuracy. If you are still in doubt whether Omni Demolition is the contractor to sign with, you can browse our website for customer testimonials and proof of our unquestionable workmanship. Our professional contractors know the proper way to handle equipment. Don’t risk your safety; work with demolition professionals in Hollywood, FL.
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