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Recognizing an Outstanding Demolition Company from Inexperienced Demolition Contractors Ames, IA

It can be a huge challenge finding reliable and affordable demolition contractors in Ames, IA, but that is what Omni Demolition is here for. We will make sure that the project is completed within your budget and stipulated timeframe. If you need to hire a professional demolition contractor in Ames, IA without spending a ridiculous amount of money, you have come to the right place. We have a team of seasoned demolition experts ready to act on any project. We have the right equipment for any kind of demolition work.

Better Understanding of Demolition and Deconstruction in Ames, IA

Demolition is taking down or dismantling a building or structure with a strong and overwhelming force whose end result is rubble or waste. Our demolition experts are most experienced in going over construction sites to see what items may be salvaged and put aside to be used again, often saving time and resources. Deconstruction is when a demolition expert takes a structure apart carefully, one piece at a time. No matter how complex your project is, we are happy and ready to serve in Ames, IA.

Complete Accountability from Highly Skilled Specialists for Your Demolition Project in Ames, IA

We maintain multi-disciplined and highly seasoned demolition experts and demolition contractors in Ames, IA-fully trained in material handling and equipment operation. Some demolition contractors offer their services at rock bottom prices but this may cost you more in the long run. Most sales agents will promise everything just to close a deal but are no longer accountable when their team fails to deliver. Our demolition contractors are not only committed to providing first rate work but also ensure that all steps are taken to cause little to zero disturbance to the environment and to the properties adjacent to the site. Taking down old and unwanted buildings may look like a simple task; however, it requires the experience and competence of professional service providers like us to get your job done properly. Taking down old and unwanted buildings may look like a simple task; however, it requires the experience and competence of professional service providers like us to get your job done properly.

Check Our Broad Range of Demolition Services in Ames, IA

Industrial Demolition services: Our best-in-class strategies and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer specialized industrial demolition services for your chemical plant, mills and factories.

Commercial Demolition services: Need your commercial demolition project done right the first time? Our demo company will take care of that for you. Our portfolio includes: airplane hangars, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, warehouses and libraries among others.

Concrete demolition and recycling services: Our demolition experts can break down concrete surfaces and slabs into reusable gravel.

Scrap Metal Demolition Services: Instead of hiring another contractor, we will help you save money as our demo company will take care of handling misplaced steel erections and sorting metal scraps for salvaging.

A class Above the Rest in Ames, IA

Our team of demolition experts and demolition contractors will work tirelessly and dedicatedly to ensure that your project is completed on time. Our demolition experts and demolition contractors are dedicated to meeting all your needs. No matter the nature of your project or timelines, our demolition company in Ames, IA will deliver to your satisfaction. Each project in our demo company is always given the care and attention that our customers deserve and expect.

Methods Used for Demolition and Deconstruction in Ames, IA

Explosive Demolition: Our qualified demolition experts have years of experience in explosive demolition projects. Using our expertise and meticulous planning, we will safely execute your project with minimal disruption to your surroundings.

Non-Explosive Demolition: In instances where the height of the building makes it unsafe to use explosives, a wrecking ball is used by local demolition contractors to weaken the structure before tearing it down.

Selective Demolition: Buildings are deconstructed with the aid of special equipment. It is a solution that maximizes efficiency while reducing waste. It is mainly used when building owners want to add extensions to the building, update the interior of a building, convert space or improve the health of the building. This is a delicate procedure that demands great precision and tact, which our demo contractors have and other building demolition companies overlook.

Well-maintained Equipment for Demolition in Ames, IA

Hydraulic Breakers-They turn excavators into powerful and effective demolition machines. Our demo company uses hydraulic breakers to break rocks, concrete and other hard materials.

Wrecking Balls – Buildings or structures that are more than 6 storeys high are demolished with the help of a wrecking ball suspended on a crane by a steel rope. The wrecking ball is pulled then released towards the structure. With force, the steel ball strikes the structure and demolishes it in bits.

Hydraulic Shears and Rock Breakers – They are used to cut through concrete, rocks, wood and metal.

Bulldozers – It has a ripper and is used to move large quantities of rubble. It is also used to bring walls down.

Dumpers – A dumper is a very useful piece of machinery in every demolition business. It is used to carry away demolition waste from demolition sites.

Cranes – In demolition, demolition contractors need a crane. Cranes can be used to lift a small-sized excavator. A wrecking ball can also be attached to a crane for demolition making it an essential piece of machinery in a demo company.

Crawler Loaders – Particularly useful in tight spaces, crawler loaders are versatile vehicles that function as a flexible loading and hauling machine. It can also be used for digging the ground.

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Your number one demolition company in Ames, Iowa is always at your service. Ensure a spotless pre-construction site when you sign with us. As an established demolition company, we maintain high standards of service and workmanship no matter how big or small a contract is. We deliver your Ames demolition needs in a timely manner without compromising on the quality of our work. Feel free to get in touch with us today at (855) 885-3366 !
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