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Expert Demolition Contractors Cambridge, MA: Your Partner Demolition Company

Omni Demolition has paved the way for many construction services in the city through the exemplary workmanship and warm customer service of our demolition contractors. We are dedicated to working on your project with no distractions whatsoever. Our demolition contractor is on standby at all times ready to cater to your needs. The commitment and competence of our demolition experts guarantee that you will be working with the most suitable partners. We are an environmentally friendly company.

How is Demolition Different from Deconstruction in Cambridge, MA?

Demolition is the process of tearing down or pulling down buildings and structures by a demolition expert. Demolition is the actual tearing down of a structure to be done by a demolition expert. A deconstruction may be a prerequisite to the actual demolition process where hazardous materials are taken out prior to the tear down of the structure. It entails tearing down the components of a building for the purpose of recycling, re-using as well as waste management.

We are the Most Competent Specialists for Your Demolition Project in Cambridge, MA

Our demolition experts as well as our demolition contractors in Cambridge, MA have highly specialized equipment and all the resources needed to complete any project you may have for us, however big or small it may be. If you wish to have a an effortless and hassle-free experience when leveling a property in Cambridge, MA, we are the demolition contractor that you can rely on. Most sales agents will promise everything just to close a deal but are no longer accountable when their team fails to deliver. You will not find another demolition contractor in all of Cambridge, MA who will help you save and spend wisely.

Our Range of Demolition Services in Cambridge, MA

Industrial Demolition services: We focus on enhancing safety and maximizing productivity. We are responsive and flexible enough to be able to deal with any complications that such a challenging demolition project may bring. With our knowledgeable technicians and superior equipment, we can handle demolishing refineries, highways, powerplants, bridges, mines and airports among others. Commercial Demolition services: Need your commercial demolition project done right the first time? Our demo company will take care of that for you. Our portfolio includes: airplane hangars, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, warehouses and libraries among others. Concrete demolition and recycling services: If you want to save time and money, our demolition experts can also extract concrete materials and slabs onsite to be broken down into reusable gravel. Scrap Metal Demolition Services: Instead of hiring another contractor, we will help you save money as our demo company will take care of handling misplaced steel erections and sorting metal scraps for salvaging.

We Lead, Other Demolition Companies Follow in Cambridge, MA

We are professional demolition contractors who offer superior quality services. Our resources are as varied as they are effective: dependable and advanced equipment as well as expert personnel. We are a top-rated demolition company in Cambridge, MA. We continue to fulfil our commitment as a demo company when it comes to putting our clients as top priority.

Safely Regulated Methods for Demolition and Deconstruction in Cambridge, MA

Explosive Demolition: Conducted by our skilled demolition experts in Cambridge, MA, this method requires properly laying out detonators and explosives to bring a structure down to a pulp. Non-Explosive Demolition: This method of demolition does not use explosives. Our local demolition contractors can use equipment such as wrecking balls, excavators and bulldozers. Selective Demolition: This process entails tearing down a part of the structure. Efficiency is maximized by recycling reusable material thus reducing waste and lessening the impact on the environment. As the leading demo contractors, we have set standards that other building demolition companies have a hard time measuring up to.

Cutting Edge Equipment Utilized for Demolition in Cambridge, MA

Hydraulic breakers – Our demo company uses hydraulic breakers or hammers in crushing otherwise solid surfaces such as concrete, cement and even rocks. Wrecking balls – A wrecking ball is used together with a crane. This heavy steel ball is suspended from a crane and is used to bring down an entire structure or part of it. Although not widely used, this method is as fast as it is cost effective. Hydraulic shears and rock breakers – These specialized accessories allow cutting into a variety of materials such as metal, wood, rocks, and cement. Bulldozers – Commonly used where heavy lifting is required, this flexible machine can also be used to topple down weak structures. Dumpers – In the demolition business, dumpers are used to transport debris from the demolition site. Cranes – Demolition contractors utilize a crane to ease the burden of moving heavy materials or equipment back and forth on a construction site. Our demo company also uses cranes to suspend wrecking balls for non-explosive demos. Crawler Loaders – Particularly useful in tight spaces, crawler loaders are versatile vehicles that function as a flexible loading and hauling machine. It can also be used for digging the ground.

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Call our demolition company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Signing with us means you deal with our highly diligent specialists who will never present mediocre work to our clients. Our demolition company never offers excuses; we simply provide professional and timely services guaranteed to accommodate your budget. Our Cambridge deconstruction and demolition company has highly skilled personnel with years of experience in the demolition business. Call us (855) 885-3366 today for all your demolition solutions.
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