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When you have a concrete removal project in Duluth, MN, it is important to place your confidence in professionals like us. As with all our clients, we at Omni Demolition will get your job done perfectly with no excuses. When it comes to concrete slab removal and concrete hauling, we are your number one choice. As such our contractors know how to carry out the necessary service you need to rebuild or remodel your home. We have spent years perfecting our services.

Concrete Removal Tools and Equipment We Use in Duluth, MN

From plowing to chipping to drilling and demolishing concrete, we are your go-to company. Concrete slab removal in Duluth, MN requires the use of special equipment to get the job done perfectly, efficiently and safely. Hydraulic concrete crushers, also known as smashers, are used for efficient and methodical concrete demolition and can turn concrete structures into manageable debris, making concrete hauling an easy process. Demolition hammers are efficient and quick when it comes to demolition work such as removing concrete driveway, concrete slab demolition or concrete wall demolition. Rotary hammers, on the other hand, can demolish concrete using the hammer alone or they can make holes in concrete. This will ensure that the job is done thoroughly to your satisfaction.

When Do You Need Concrete Demolition Services in Duluth, MN?

There could be various reasons for a complete or partial concrete demolition, but no matter what the cause is, rest assured that we will carefully assess the situation so we can give you the right solution. Concrete is no exception and the time inevitably comes when you will need to demolish your concrete structure in Duluth, MN, for one reason or another. Signing with us means you get professional demo as well as concrete hauling that is beyond the required standards. We have experts in Duluth, MN who are well-equipped to help you knock down any part of your house. Regardless of the size, we will see to it that we finish the project on time. Since concrete is a sturdy material, you will need to hire the services of experts to have your project executed safely and with precision.

Which Concrete Removal Permits are Required in Duluth, MN?

You will need to obtain several permits and approvals from the government if you plan on carrying out a concrete removal or concrete hauling project in Duluth, MN. While other concrete removal companies may charge you extra fees to have your permits processed, our experts at Omni Demolition will sort it out for you. Omni Demolition ensures a smooth operation for every single client that puts their faith in our services. Some property owners and even contractors hire permit services or companies who manage the building permit application process. The good news is that at Omni Demolition, we will take care of everything.

How Much Will a Concrete Demolition Project Cost in Duluth, MN?

Expect to pay an average of around $200 to secure a demolition permit alone. Sometimes, the charge can go up, depending on the rates of your local government. The cost of demolition is impacted by several things like the amount of concrete that needs to removed. We vow to conduct clean and honest business because we give more value to a lifetime relationship with our clients. Ask your potential Duluth, MN patio demolition companies how much they charge before you make your final decision. Feel free to contact us to learn how much we charge for a patio removal or other similar services. There are special circumstances that can affect the cost of your demo project. This cost is inclusive of disposal. The cost of concrete removal, however, varies in different cities.

Typical Timeline for a Concrete Demolition Operation in Duluth, MN

Frankly speaking, there is no general timeframe that can be given as each concrete demolition job is different from the other. Once you find it satisfactory and approve of the proposal, work on your concrete slab removal and concrete hauling project in Duluth, MN commences. In cases where a city inspector has checked whether all sewer, utilities, and water facilities have been taken care of, our own men double checks to ensure the safety of our demolition in Duluth, MN. After we check the overall condition of your property in Duluth, MN, we can start discussing the available options. That said, depending on the size of your project, your budget and legal requirements, your project in Duluth, MN can take days, weeks or even months.

What Can I Do With My Concrete Waste in Duluth, MN?

After a concrete demolition and removal project is completed, tons of concrete wastes are collected. A demolition project can generate tons of waste materials. Fortunately, we can recycle the removed concrete so you can use them as base materials for your asphalt pavement, patios and other parts of the project. The process of recycling done by our concrete demolition contractors includes salvaging rubble from demolition, crushing it, pre-sizing and sorting. In this day and age of strict adherence to environmental laws, recycling concrete is a welcomed option. Recycled concrete is typically available at a much lower price so you get to save money while also helping save the environment.

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We offer various concrete demolition services. At Omni Demolition, your Concrete slab removal project needs the exceptional expertise and experience that we bring to the table in Duluth, MN. We will ensure that concrete slab removal and other types of concrete removal service are done according to your specifications. We act fast and charge fair rates for whatever service we deliver. With our help, you won’t have to risk your family’s safety. Our concrete removal and hauling professionals in Duluth, MN are available to assist you as soon as possible. Call us today at (855) 885-3366 and tell us about your project.
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