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Demolition Contractors in Lehi, UT: The Number 1 Demolition Company

Omni Demolition is composed of reliable and dependable demolition contractors in Lehi, UT. We are dedicated to working on your project with no distractions whatsoever. Our contractors ensure that the necessary safety measures and procedures are in place in the work environment. Led by deconstruction experts in the industry in Lehi, UT, our demolition experts offer innovative approaches to all your projects, whether big or small. This minimizes the chances of accidents or injuries at the demolition site.

How is Demolition Different from Deconstruction in Lehi, UT?

Demolition is the tearing down of buildings or structures partly or completely. Our demolition expert tests and removes hazardous material before knocking down the building. Deconstruction in Lehi, UT involves taking a structure apart. No matter how complex your project is, we are happy and ready to serve in Lehi, UT.

Why Come to Us for Your Demolition Project in Lehi, UT

Our demolition experts and demolition contractors in Lehi, UT offer superior services in demolition for all your projects. If you wish to have a an effortless and hassle-free experience when leveling a property in Lehi, UT, we are the demolition contractor that you can rely on. Our word is our bond. We have an impeccable record of giving our clients value for their money while never compromising on the quality of our work. No other demolition contractor in all of Lehi, UT will provide you with top-of-the-line workmanship at cost-effective packages.

Our Demolition Services in Lehi, UT

Industrial Demolition Services: This type of demolition service requires a surgical approach. We have a systemic, controlled and detailed solution in place for demolishing facilities such as chemical plants, manufacturing plants, port facilities, oil refineries, factories, and lumber mills among others.

Commercial Demolition services: We are a prominent demo company in handling commercial buildings even in the most unimaginable spaces. We have taken down storehouses, grocery stores, airplane hangars, and large public structures among others.

Concrete Demolition and Recycling Services: This type of demolition is environmentally friendly and saves on cost. Rubble from concrete demolition is reused by our demolition experts to make gravel or as one of the materials for making new concrete.

Scrap Metal Demolition Services: Our demo company will expertly demolish your scrap metal projects. Our crew will downsize as well as dismantle the steel structures then process, bundle and recycle the materials.

We Set the Pace for Other Demolition Companies in Lehi, UT

Despite being highly preferred over other demolition contractors, we keep our feet grounded. We take pride in employing some of the finest calibre of demolition experts throughout the city. As the number one demolition company in Lehi, UT, we will work closely with you to guarantee an optimum outcome. Each project in our demo company is always given the care and attention that our customers deserve and expect.

The Types of Methods Used in Demolition and Deconstruction in Lehi, UT

Explosive Demolition: It is also known as the implosion method. Our demolition experts fix a building’s or structure’s slabs, columns and beams with explosives. Once the explosives detonate, the columns collapse and so does the building or structure.

Non-Explosive Demolition: This method of demolition does not use explosives. Our local demolition contractors can use equipment such as wrecking balls, excavators and bulldozers.

Selective Demolition: Buildings are deconstructed with the aid of special equipment. It is a solution that maximizes efficiency while reducing waste. It is mainly used when building owners want to add extensions to the building, update the interior of a building, convert space or improve the health of the building. This is a delicate procedure that demands great precision and tact, which our demo contractors have and other building demolition companies overlook.

Common Equipment Used for Demolition in Lehi, UT

Hydraulic Breakers – This strong hammer is built to withstand heavy and rigorous use. As one of the high-quality demolition tools used by our demo company, it offers greater productivity in regards to speed, efficiency and its overall performance.

Wrecking balls – Heavy and solid balls made of steel, wrecking balls are safely suspended on a crane and used to weaken a building until it gives.

Hydraulic Shears and Rock Breakers – They can be able to quickly and effectively cut through rocks, concrete, steel, wood and metal.

Bulldozers – Common equipment in construction sites used for excavating and hauling materials or waste. This machine can also be used to flatten or level structures hence the term bulldoze.

Dumpers – Essential in clearing a demolition site, our dumpers make it easier and quicker to take out unwanted debris and materials from the site to be properly disposed of. Our demolition business has invested in quality dumpers to ensure a speedy clean-up of the property and that your project timeline is met.

Cranes – Demolition contractors use cranes to attach a wrecking ball to it. The wrecking ball suspended on a crane is then swung to the targeted structure. A demo company can use cranes to remove debris from high areas of a demolished structure. Cranes can also be used to load debris onto a dumper.

Crawler Loaders – Also meant to be used in excavating, crawler loaders have declined in popularity compared to hydraulics that can be used in heavy drilling. This equipment, however, can run on its own power as opposed to hydraulic excavators that more often require towing.

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If you are in dire need of a reliable demolition company in Lehi, Utah but are quite not sure what kind of method you will require and how much it will cost you, do not hesitate to call us. We have a brilliant track record of achieving 100% success despite hostile or challenging work environments. Consult with a reliable demolition company and save yourself from all the worries. Our Lehi deconstruction and demolition company has highly skilled personnel with years of experience in the demolition business. Contact us at (855) 885-3366 .
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