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Demolition Contractors Federal Way, WA: The Number One Demolition Company

It can be a huge challenge finding reliable and affordable demolition contractors in Federal Way, WA, but that is what Omni Demolition is here for. Our main goal is to provide affordable services without compromising the quality of our work. No need to break the bank to avail of first rate service and exceptional outcome. The commitment and competence of our demolition experts guarantee that you will be working with the most suitable partners. We are highly competent and able to handle any project you may have.

The Main Variances of Demolition and Deconstruction in Federal Way, WA

Demolition can be described as dismantling of buildings or a specific room by a demolition expert. Our demolition experts are most experienced in going over construction sites to see what items may be salvaged and put aside to be used again, often saving time and resources. Deconstruction is when a demolition expert takes a structure apart carefully, one piece at a time. The structures can be pulled down manually.

You can Trust Us with Your Demolition Project in Federal Way, WA

Our demolition experts will handle your property professionally from start to finish. If you wish to have a an effortless and hassle-free experience when leveling a property in Federal Way, WA, we are the demolition contractor that you can rely on. We have a proven record of accomplishment in excellence. No other demolition contractor in all of Federal Way, WA has a crew that is as dedicated and diligent as ours.

Take Advantage of Our Demolition Services in Federal Way, WA

Industrial Demolition services: Our countless contracts include leveling massive structures such as worn-down factories, mills, and chemical warehouses.

Commercial Demolition services: Need your commercial demolition project done right the first time? Our demo company will take care of that for you. Our portfolio includes: airplane hangars, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, warehouses and libraries among others.

Concrete demolition and recycling services: We are the only demolition experts who carefully set aside re-usable materials from your site for possible future use such as slabs to be crushed later on into gravel.

Scrap Metal Demolition Services: Unlike other contractors who concentrate only on concrete, our demo company can assist in handling metal frames and recycling scraps.

Key Advantages Against Other Demolition Companies in Federal Way, WA

We take pride in having some of the most seasoned demolition experts among numerous demolition contractors in Federal Way, WA. We are a class above the rest. What sets us apart is our unshaken resolve to achieve 100% in customer satisfaction. You are guaranteed a hassle-free experience when you sign with us, the most trusted demolition company in Federal Way, WA. We continue to fulfil our commitment as a demo company when it comes to putting our clients as top priority.

Methods Applied in Demolition and Deconstruction in Federal Way, WA

Explosive Demolition: Our demolition experts in Federal Way, WA bring down structures or buildings by removing the main structural elements such as the walls and pillars with the help of explosives. This reduces the building’s structural stability, causing it to collapse under its own weight. This method is faster, environmentally friendly and safer when compared to other methods.

Non-Explosive Demolition: Our local demolition contractors use a wrecking ball attached to a crane to knock down buildings. It is a cheaper and faster method unlike explosive demolition.

Selective Demolition: Recommended for buildings that are being rebuilt, selective demolition involves carefully removing some parts of the building to make way for a modified construction. Unlike new and upcoming building demolition companies, our demo contractors are experienced in extracting parts of the building while still maintaining its structural integrity.

We Facilitate High-End Equipment for Demolition in Federal Way, WA

Hydraulic Breakers – Our demo company uses a percussion hammer attached to an excavator. This powerful equipment is used for bringing down concrete structures.

Wrecking Balls – Buildings or structures that are more than 6 storeys high are demolished with the help of a wrecking ball suspended on a crane by a steel rope. The wrecking ball is pulled then released towards the structure. With force, the steel ball strikes the structure and demolishes it in bits.

Hydraulic shears and rock breakers – A modification to excavators, these tools help in cutting through solid surfaces such as wood, metal, rocks, and concrete.

Bulldozers – Serving multiple purposes, bulldozers can be used to haul items and waste as well as help knock down weak structures or level mounds of soil.

Dumpers – Dumpers are also known as tipper trucks. They are used for transporting rubble or waste from the demolition site. If you are in the demolition business, safety is paramount and some of the safety hazards are demolition wastes. A dumper is a very important in removing the large amount of debris from the site.

Cranes – Demolition contractors use cranes to attach a wrecking ball to it. The wrecking ball suspended on a crane is then swung to the targeted structure. A demo company can use cranes to remove debris from high areas of a demolished structure. Cranes can also be used to load debris onto a dumper.

Crawler Loaders – They are efficient in moving heavy rubble and waste from the demolition site. They can also be used to demolish heavy structures as well as clear the ground.

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A proper assessment from a qualified demolition company in Federal Way, Washington is necessary before you proceed with any major changes in your property. When you have a demolition project, do not hesitate to contact us. Consult with a reliable demolition company and save yourself from all the worries. Our Federal Way deconstruction and demolition company is licensed and highly reputable. Call us (855) 885-3366 today for all your demolition solutions.
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