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Concrete removal is an important aspect in the construction industry in Maple Grove, MN. The importance of concrete demolition cannot be overstated. For example, at Omni Demolition, clients need concrete slab removal and concrete hauling services in order to build or rebuild new structures. When your concrete structure has become old, shaky, unstable and unsightly, it is definitely time to consider getting rid of it for aesthetic reasons and most importantly, for safety purposes. We make sure to charge affordable fees for any of our services when all the work is done.

High-power Equipment Best for Concrete Removal in Maple Grove, MN

Manual concrete demolition is done on small or residential structures. We can perform services like concrete slab removal that you may need for your Maple Grove, MN project as soon as possible. Some examples of other equipment we use are pallet jacks, bobcats, hoists and hammers. Some of the services we offer include removing concrete driveway, concrete slab demolition, and concrete wall demolition. It is important to get professional contractors for your demolition and concrete hauling job. Other equipment used in demolishing concrete are pallet jacks, hoists and bobcats.

When Do You Need Concrete Demolition Services in Maple Grove, MN?

Concrete demolition in Maple Grove, MN is necessary when you need to bring down an old structure in order to erect a new one. Whether the project requires breaking asphalt or concrete in residential, commercial or industrial spaces, we have the equipment and service crew ready to do the job. At Omni Demolition, we will see to it that you receive superior quality concrete hauling and demolition service in Maple Grove, MN. The most common reasons why concrete wears out easily include extreme temperature fluctuations, corrosion and overload. It could be that you want to replace an old structure with a new one or to remodel an existing structure.

Concrete Removal Permits and Other Construction Requirements in Maple Grove, MN

The state and local authorities in Maple Grove, MN require necessary permits whether you will be conducting a concrete removal or concrete hauling project. Some concrete removal companies may charge extra for processing it on your behalf but not us—we are here to make the permit process as simple and effortless as possible. For one, you will need a permit. The purpose of a permit is to ensure that the governing body is able to monitor the work being done in its jurisdiction for the safety of all involved. Before you begin a demolition job, it is advisable to first understand the laws and requirements of your location. Height and size of your demolition project are factors considered in determining whether or not you will need to get a permit for the job.

How Much Should I Pay for a Concrete Demolition Project in Maple Grove, MN?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of concrete removal with the biggest contributor being the total area of concrete to be removed. In addition to the demolition permit costs, you should also factor in the total cost of the service. In urban areas, demolition companies charge a minimum of $4,000 for their fees. Final costs depend on factors such as disposal fees(some companies charge this separately). Whether you need estimates for small jobs such as a patio demolition or patio removal, or you need a proposal for breaking up concrete at an industrial property, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of expenses. Our ever-helpful staff will be happy to give you a competitive estimate for your project. This is because, removing reinforced steel in the concrete structures requires manual cutting.

Estimated Time a Concrete Demolition Project Should Take in Maple Grove, MN?

Concrete is usually reinforced with tough steel making it virtually indestructible. A concrete demolition project needs the services of professionals to have it done right and safely. To eliminate demolition delays, we plan all our concrete slab removal and concrete hauling in Maple Grove, MN effectively with hands-on management principles. We put a lot of thought into every step of the process so the safety of our workers and the satisfaction of our clients are completely assured. In instances that an unforeseen situation arises, the client is notified to ensure that they are not kept in the dark and to establish the right expectations. Your budget also determines the time it will take to complete your project. The type can either be reinforced or unreinforced. For example, reinforced concrete structures with rebar are heavier in nature and will require heavier and more equipment or more time than unreinforced concrete structures.

Why Recycle Concrete in Maple Grove, MN?

After the completion of a concrete demolition and removal project, you tend to end up with lots of concrete aggregate. A demolition project can generate tons of waste materials. Fortunately, we can recycle the removed concrete so you can use them as base materials for your asphalt pavement, patios and other parts of the project. Our concrete demolition contractors facilitate the hauling of reusable concrete to ensure an organized clearing of the site. In this day and age of strict adherence to environmental laws, recycling concrete is a welcomed option. Concrete lasts long, and you can use it in various ways.

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If you have been looking to hire a concrete slab removal expert, chances are you have seen ads from other providers in Maple Grove, MN who offer the cheapest concrete demolition services, but are you sure you want to risk spending on a contractor that has no credibility and is seemingly desperate for clients? Hopefully not. Omni Demolition has all the skills, tools and equipment needed to perform a concrete slab removal or hauling service. Whether you call for a concrete slab removal, concrete hauling, site cleanup or any other service, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best team to assist you. Our team works systematically as we strive to provide a smooth service. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology in execution, you can be certain that your project is in great hands. Call us today at (855) 885-3366 for a free consultation and ask one of our agents for a free estimate.
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