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Concrete removal involves tearing down concrete buildings and structures in Racine, WI. Our concrete slab removal and concrete hauling professionals will take the lead during your demolition project, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional and satisfactory services. We have spent years perfecting our services.

Equipment Used for Concrete Removal in Racine, WI

Our contractors at Omni Demolition can perform a wide range of services because they are well-equipped. Within a reasonable timeframe, we can cut, crush and remove any size of concrete structure. Some of the equipment we have includes bobcats, trackers, pallet jacks and track loaders. Our contractors at Omni Demolition use a wide range of equipment when we perform our services such as concrete slab removal. Common equipment used for this type of demolition are picks, robotic hammers and sledgehammers. If you need assistance in removing concrete driveway, concrete slab demolition, or concrete wall demolition, we are the company most competent for the job. Our team ensures finishing within the projected time frame and keeping our clients updated on the current status of our operations. Other equipment used in demolishing concrete are pallet jacks, hoists and bobcats. We are well equipped in handling all your concrete removal and concrete hauling projects.

Conditions that Require a Concrete Demolition in Racine, WI

Concrete demolition in Racine, WI is necessary when you need to bring down an old structure in order to erect a new one. There are various factors that affect the life span of concrete. No matter the size of your demolition and concrete hauling project, we are well able to handle it for you. When buildings become old, their concrete slabs become unstable posing a threat to anyone living in or around such establishments. All of the technicians follow safety procedures to ensure the project flows smoothly without any delays.

Permits Needed for Concrete Removal in Racine, WI

Before you can start a Racine, WI concrete removal, concrete hauling project or any other related service, you need to secure a few documents. Start by applying for a permit from the local authority. There are several concrete removal companies in the city, so make sure you select one that will help you all throughout the process. This is usually determined by the type of demolition project and the location of the project. We will make sure that you have all the permits you need to ensure an uninterrupted execution of your demolition project. Your main goal should be to minimize the risks of delaying the project by preparing the necessary documents beforehand.

How Much Does a Racine, WI Concrete Demolition Cost?

Expect to pay an average of around $200 to secure a demolition permit alone. Sometimes, the charge can go up, depending on the rates of your local government. The rate is provided by your local government, and it would be best to check beforehand. For a budget of $400, you will be able to complete the removal of unreinforced concrete from a patio that is two hundred square foot in size with zero disposable fees. Our concrete demolition projects in Racine, WI include patio demolition, patio removal, tearing down walkways and walls, demolishing decks, entire buildings, among others. Unreinforced concrete on the other hand is easier to remove. We guarantee to provide a competitive and reasonable price.

Estimated Time Required for a Concrete Demolition Project in Racine, WI

With the right equipment, tools and skill sets, a concrete demolition team can finish a service within a short time frame. Concrete slab removal and concrete hauling is a delicate procedure. We will only give you and agree on realistic time frames when all things have been factored in such as the size of the project. After we check the overall condition of your property in Racine, WI, we can start discussing the available options. With that in mind, it might take days, weeks or even months to have your project completed depending on its nature, type and all the other aforementioned factors.

How Can I Reuse the Concrete Waste Generated from My Project in Racine, WI?

Constructions, concrete demolition and removal projects produce a lot of by-products and potential waste. Because we are an environmentally friendly company, preserving our surroundings is at the forefront of our mission. Our concrete demolition contractors can also use the recycled concrete for landscaping. The crushed materials are often referred to as dry aggregates, and they can last a long time if applied the right way. Additionally, crushed concrete is also cheaper and greener compared to the regular type. Contractors also take advantage of recycled concrete as they are not only environmentally-friendly but also cost-effective while still proven durable.

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Our concrete demolition services in Racine, WI consist of concrete slab removal and concrete removal service. No matter what concrete slab removal projects you have, dial our phone number today and we will be glad to provide you with a free estimate. Furthermore, whether you have a strict budget or timeframe, there is no problem we cannot solve. Our flexibility allows us to work on your project according to your timeline and schedule. Our professional contractors know the proper way to handle equipment. Call us today at (855) 885-3366 for a free consultation and ask one of our agents for a free estimate.
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