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Your Company of Choice for Your Concrete Removal Projects in Bloomington, MN

We are experts in providing concrete removal in Bloomington, MN. If you have a desire to transform your old home into a new one, then we will no doubt make it happen here at Omni Demolition with our concrete slab removal and concrete hauling services. You can rely on us to get the job done.

Important Equipment Used for Concrete Removal in Bloomington, MN

At Omni Demolition, we use the best and most effective equipment for concrete removal projects, from pallet jacks and bobcats to jackhammers and hoists. Other equipment used in concrete slab removal in Bloomington, MN are jack hammers, hoists, pallet jacks and bobcats. It takes professionals with years of experience to safely remove concrete. Some examples of other equipment we use are pallet jacks, bobcats, hoists and hammers. Some of the tasks involved in a demolition job include concrete slab demolition, removing concrete driveway and concrete wall demolition. Pavement breakers are used when you need to partially repair a section of a pavement; it is able to demolish a few inches of the concrete pavement without breaking it up completely. Book with us for stress-free services and operations that finish on time.

When Should I Book a Concrete Demolition Service in Bloomington, MN?

Concrete demolition in Bloomington, MN solves the potential issue of unsafe structures. If your property in Bloomington, MN is showing deep and widespread cracks, sunken or fragmented concrete slabs, or signs of frost heave, it is time to call our phone number and consult with the experts. At Omni Demolition, we will see to it that you receive superior quality concrete hauling and demolition service in Bloomington, MN. If you see frost heave or concrete that is pushed upward, cobweb-like cracks on cement, sunken slabs and even fragmented foundations, it is best to call us for a concrete demo and plan on rebuilding your property. Safety is a primary concern for any concrete demolition job.

Which Concrete Removal Permits are Required in Bloomington, MN?

The government usually requires permits for a concrete removal and concrete hauling project in Bloomington, MN. Avoid dealing with questionable concrete removal companies that overcharge for permit processing fees. You will definitely need a permit depending on the nature of your project. Usually, you have to obtain a form of approval from the appropriate regulatory body before you can lawfully proceed with the demolition. Some property owners and even contractors hire permit services or companies who manage the building permit application process. Some demolition projects will require a planning permit.

How Much Cost Will I Incur in a Concrete Demolition Project in Bloomington, MN?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of concrete removal with the biggest contributor being the total area of concrete to be removed. The rate is provided by your local government, and it would be best to check beforehand. The good news is that you are guaranteed to get bigger savings when hiring us as opposed to our competitors. Our concrete demolition projects in Bloomington, MN include patio demolition, patio removal, tearing down walkways and walls, demolishing decks, entire buildings, among others. Our ever-helpful staff will be happy to give you a competitive estimate for your project. We guarantee to provide a competitive and reasonable price. We have the necessary skills and equipment to handle any concrete demolition project you may have.

Estimated Time Required for a Concrete Demolition Project in Bloomington, MN

Concrete is usually reinforced with tough steel making it virtually indestructible. A concrete demolition project needs the services of professionals to have it done right and safely. Concrete slab removal and concrete hauling is a delicate procedure. At our company, we are able to finish a demolition or hauling job within as little as a few days, depending on the size of the property. We always conduct a comprehensive check on every project we work on in Bloomington, MN. That said, depending on the size of your project, your budget and legal requirements, your project in Bloomington, MN can take days, weeks or even months.

Making the Most Use of Your Demolished Asphalt or Cement in Bloomington, MN

After the completion of a concrete demolition and removal project, you tend to end up with lots of concrete aggregate. It is a cost-saving measure on your end. Our concrete demolition contractors can also use the recycled concrete for landscaping. The aggregate can then be used to make new concrete. Recycled concrete has been gaining popularity among the community of demolition and construction experts in the city.

Make the Wise Decision by Calling Us for Concrete Demolition in Bloomington, Minnesota

Our concrete slab removal services are unmatched. Moreover, we are well equipped to handle any other concrete removal service you may be in need of. Our expert contractors at Omni Demolition have unparalleled skills and experience in the concrete slab removal business. Experience a professional concrete removal service that is reasonably priced. Our team works systematically as we strive to provide a smooth service. We also follow strict measures and carefully evaluate our demolition and removal plan to avoid delays. Get in touch with us for the best concrete removal service.
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