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Concrete removal is a complicated procedure that requires tact and the services of professionals in Greensboro, NC. Indeed, time ages all things. When it comes to concrete slab removal and concrete hauling, we are your number one choice. Without concrete removal, there wouldn’t be space to erect new structures or to rebuild them. Simply contact us about your project—we are ready to help.

Concrete Removal Equipment Used in Greensboro, NC

Most fly-by-night companies do not invest in good equipment or worse, they utilize faulty machinery which can cause delays and substandard outcomes. One of our major investments include acquiring heavy-duty equipment capable of doing the most challenging concrete slab removal projects in Greensboro, NC. Hydraulic slitters are very efficient in breaking thick and dense concrete. We specialize in removing concrete driveway as well as concrete wall demolition. It is important to get professional contractors for your demolition and concrete hauling job. Concrete removal and concrete hauling solutions vary in techniques as well as approaches.

Addressing Your Concrete Demolition Needs in Greensboro, NC

Some property owners in Greensboro, NC may delay hiring a demolition contractor for the sake of avoiding expenses. There are various factors that affect the life span of concrete. We have an expert team of laborers, managers and engineers who see to it that demolition and concrete hauling standards are met if not exceeded. For plumbing, steam fitting and electrical works, concrete demolition is in most cases the only option that allows pipe penetrations. Apart from wall or ceiling cracks, you will need the help of a professional if you have problems with leaky water pipes or defective house wirings, most especially if they are buried underneath the concrete.

Permits Needed for Concrete Removal in Greensboro, NC

In almost all cases, you will need permits for carrying out a concrete removal or concrete hauling project in Greensboro, NC. Other concrete removal companies may charge you extra to process the necessary permits. Avoid getting penalized by the local authority. Other contractors hire a third-party permit service provider to file the necessary permit but this could only mean additional expenses for you. If you work with our experts at Omni Demolition, you can be sure that you’ll have a great experience.

Cost Estimates of Concrete Demolition in Greensboro, NC?

Other service providers in Greensboro, NC make their proposed contract sound complicated to justify unreasonably priced estimates. Our contracts fall midrange but our customer service and workmanship rockets sky high. Hauling and disposal costs depend on the amount of debris and the distance from the demolition site to the disposal facility. Ask your potential Greensboro, NC patio demolition companies how much they charge before you make your final decision. Feel free to contact us to learn how much we charge for a patio removal or other similar services. Additional fees may follow for services like inspections for water, electrical and sewer disconnections. Permits can cost you a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on your location and project needs. The demolition project itself will usually cost you an estimated $1000 to $15,000+, depending on the size and situation.

How Long is a Concrete Demolition Service in Greensboro, NC?

With the right equipment, tools and skill sets, a concrete demolition team can finish a service within a short time frame. With that in mind, your concrete slab removal and concrete hauling projects in Greensboro, NC might take a couple of days, weeks or even months to complete. This is a key aspect in our line of work. We understand the importance of service delivery to our clients in a timely manner. Depending on what we mutually agree on, your project can be completed in a few days, a couple of weeks or even months. We adhere to all the fundamental and basic principles of effective project management.

Is it Possible to Recycle Concrete Demolition Waste in Greensboro, NC?

The recycled material from a concrete demolition and removal project can be used as aggregate in making new concrete and in construction work. Managing reusable resources is an effective way of minimizing the growing amount of wastes that households, commercial establishments and industrial buildings produce. Our concrete demolition contractors facilitate the hauling of reusable concrete to ensure an organized clearing of the site. The crushed materials are often referred to as dry aggregates, and they can last a long time if applied the right way. Additionally, crushed concrete is also cheaper and greener compared to the regular type. Recycled concrete can also be used in a number of landscaping settings such as paving stones, water features, boulder rock walls, retaining walls, erosion structures, and other uses.

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Our concrete demolition services in Greensboro, NC consist of concrete slab removal and concrete removal service. Our expert contractors at Omni Demolition have unparalleled skills and experience in the concrete slab removal business. We understand that each project is unique and therefore, we come up with special solutions for all your concrete demolition projects. We are a budget friendly company and we will get the job done right the first time. Our concrete removal and hauling professionals in Greensboro, NC are available to assist you as soon as possible. Contact us today for a concrete removal service!
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